According to Johannesburg, this really is a radio channel that sends its programming into the youthful listeners. It broadcasts all around the world during the live streaming feature on its own site and nationally via FM repeaters. It's a youthful and fresh profile fitting its own Top 40 format. It supplies a line-up with various music programs playing the latest hits in addition to brief segments covering the most recent news, sports, and traffic updates. Its group of DJs and presenters provide pleasure and entertainment for its own programming, together with Ryan that the DJ and Roger Goode carrying the lead as the very popular among listeners. Its live broadcast is complemented with its site, where it provides podcasts, the option to catch up with the latest programmes and also the playlist with all the information on the audio broadcasted.

5FM targets South African childhood and provides modern music strikes and entertaining content. The audience of the radio channel is more than two Mio listeners. In addition, it has over 200,000 enjoys on Facebook and approximately 240,000 followers on Twitter. With these kinds of statistics 5FM is a highly effective voice using actual influence in South African childhood. We have counted over 10 different awards this radio station won. 5FM is offered in 24/7 mode in English on 98.0-103.6 FM frequencies based upon your geographical region. But should you would like to obey 5FM on the internet, you can check our live stream for it. This radio channel can also be available in your smartphone or tablet computer through our free program.


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