Bok Radio

Bok Radio 98.9 FM is a commercial personal radio channel in South Africa. This radio station is devoted to neighborhood community so much they also don't have any English-speaking version on their site. They gained fame in South Africa by providing skilled content to their viewers. Besides routine broadcasting Bok Radio 98.9 FM additionally introduces various offsite endeavors. For example they coordinated a contest with a one time wakeboarding session for a prize. Every season they also do a music cruise where they invite actors to entertain the passengers. A lot of individuals also know and enjoy their Bok Radio Awards - the largest music awards event in the Western Cape.

Listeners from all around the world may also listen to its broadcasts on the internet, by obtaining the live flow attribute given by the channel on its site. Bok Radio is a music-focused radio channel, with different music shows in its own programming. It covers a huge array of genres even though it puts a particular focus on the nostalgic oldies and rock classic strikes. In its line-up, in addition, it supplies news reports with traffic and weather updates, sports programs, entertainment shows and talk shows on present events. On the channel's site, listeners can discover more about its in-house group of presenters and DJs, find the channel weekly Top 40 and Country Top 10 playlists in addition to get to find out more about events sponsored by the channel like the renowned Radio Bok Cruise (BokBoot).

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