Ikwekwezi FM

Ikwekwezi FM is a nationwide radio channel located in Hatfield (Tshwane), South Africa and is owned by South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). The name Ikwekwezi means"the celebrity" in Ndebele. The motto of this channel is"Lapho Sikhona Kunokukhanya" which means"Wherever we're there is mild". As can be seen from its title and motto they mostly target Ndebele speaking individuals. Ikwekwezi FM radio station (previously called Radio Ndebele) was set in 1983. Management team consisted of Whites just, but the goal of this radio station was supposed to market Ndebele language, so that they broadcasted mostly in Ndebele. According to the statistics published on their site Ikwekwezi FM has almost 2 Mio listeners from Northern part of South Africa and can be obtained on 90.6-107.7 FM frequencies depending upon your geographical location. If you would rather listen to Ikwekwezi FM on the internet you can assess its live stream on our site.

Its line-up includes news reports, sports programs, talk shows on current affairs and lifestyle, entertainment shows, radio dramas and audio shows. Its music repertoire covers a vast range of genres, such as traditional songs. The station also encourages music entry by local artists as a means to support their work. Ikwekwezi FM broadcasts to Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng on FM frequencies. It is also available on channel 804 on DSTv. Furthermore, live streaming assistance, as well as podcasts of the primary shows, are available on the channel's website.


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