Impala Radio

Situated in Pretoria, South Africa, this can be really a radio channel devoted to the oldies. Its team of specialists comprises Genie Jacobs, Ray Thomas, Ina Smith, Cathy Louw, Arlene Greyling and Several others. We're enjoying'golden oldies' 24/7 and comprise an Afrikaans song every now and then, particularly for our Southern African listeners! Impala Radio is a really instinctive radio channel with a number of the nation's top radio programs within their daily long programs schedules. They've obtained some applications that are popular across the apps with visitors from countless listeners that makes Impala Radio a popular radio station in the country.

Impala Radio is an internet radio station first found in 2009 as a private venture with an emigrated South African household longing for the home. It began as a house radio but the prepared of their household to talk about their music choice with different people eventually contributed to flip it into a full-blown radio channel live streaming worldwide via the net. Inspired by Southern African Springbok radio, Impala radio caters to an older audience by playing hits with 40+ years. Presently, its line-up attributes live shows together with music automation broadcasts English and Afrikaans songs.

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