Munghana Lonene FM

It's been broadcasting in Tsonga, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, because it was set up in 1965. Munghana Lonene FM is a Xitsonga-speaking radio channel broadcasting in South Africa on many FM frequencies. It's also available on station 810 on DSTv in addition to on internet live streaming. Furthermore, listeners may get the podcasts of its most important displays, old and new such as Xipapilana, on its own site for a later followup.

Its objective is to function with Xitsonga-speaking community with informative, interesting and music articles in their own mother tongue to reinforce the connections between the people and enable the community. With this purpose, it supplies a line-up that unites news reports with the most recent community, nation and international developments, talk reveals exposed to the most important subjects that impact the current society, audio shows and entertainment programs in which opponents are also showcased. Munghana Lonene FM also supports local artists through audio admissions, offering a platform in which their work could reach a broader audience. The channel attempts to reach if not all of Munghana Lonene fm listeners at a kind of OB that helps us connect to listeners while entertaining them. OBs need large budgets significance that the channel can't go to each village or city at which we've listeners no matter how the channel attempts to cover all states when intending OB & occasions.

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