Radio 2000

This is a nationwide radio station situated in Johannesburg. This radio features audio, sports and news. The house of your all time favourites. Our Music. Channel 812 about the satellite sound bouquet. Radio 2000 is a nationwide radio channel broadcasting 24/7 in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, with all frequencies which range between 97.2 and 100 FM. Additionally, it comes with a live stream on its own site as an alternate resource for listeners to appreciate its own transmissions.

This radio station was initially launched in 1986 from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) with the purpose of strengthening the bonds between South Africans. The recent death of presenter Phat Joe motivated a brand new line-up, but the core material stays the same. In its air, it features sports and news accounts, the latter concentrated particularly on cricket, entertainment displays, lifestyle programming and audio programs together with the greatest hits of today and of time. Radio 2000 additionally offers contests that provide special prizes to your viewers. On its site, listeners may also locate the podcasts of its most well-known programs and a playlist using the name and name of the tunes performed by the radio.

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