Radio Tygerberg

The prevalence and dominance of Radio Tygerberg could be attributed to the rather large service program and audio (Gospel, Adult Contemporary and Golden Oldies), the religious content along with also the staff's devotion and service to the area. The radio station has made in the sphere of local audio a massive participation from the Western Cape. The independent broadcasting authority believes the marketing of local music as a significant licensing and programming demands for radio services.

Tygerberg Radio is a Afrikaans-speaking radio channel with a Christian structure. Its content is intended to appeal to the Christian community, supplying amusement and talk shows based on the Christian principles and in which the family members and the term of Christ would be the key subjects. Additionally, it includes in its own line-up news reports and audio shows using a range of the greatest music which follows the Religious teachings. Tygerberg Radio was initially established in 1993 and has become among the largest Christian community radios in South Africa, broadcasting to Cape Town with the frequency 104.0 FM as well as the world through its live streaming support on its own site.

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