The abbreviation RSG stands for Radio Sonder Grense (radio without borders) -- that was the former motto of the radio channel that turned into its title. It broadcasts only in Afrikaans on 100-104 FM frequencies and at the shortwave bands. RSG 100-104 FM began broadcasting in 1937. That is the reason RSG changed its name a few times (Radio Suid-Afrika and Afrikaans Stereo) before it eventually got the title Radio Sonder Grense. Like most South African radio stations Radio Sonder Grense has its primary office in Johannesburg. Its site is totally in Afrikaans without a English-language edition. Listen to RSG 100-104 FM online through our live stream directly in the web at no cost. If you would rather follow radios in your smartphone, you may download our program and play with your beloved SA's radio channels there.

It goes back to the Southern African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). The channel broadcasts with frequencies that range between 100 and 104 FM. Additionally, it supplies a live streaming support on its own site. It gives informative content, putting its attention on the most recent news. The channel's line-up contains news reports and talk shows talking about the most recent development in politics, sports, lifestyle, technology, financing, the stock exchange, and the surroundings. Weather and traffic updates will also be provided.

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