Smile FM

It's a hierarchical channel, supplying content in Afrikaans and English for their viewers. Music reveals take on average 60 percent of its own line-up and their programming unites the best hits of the 80s, 90s and of now, performed by global and South African musicians. This channel also supplies several talk shows and news reports in English and Afrikaans, that take the channel signature of starting and ending consistently on a favorable note to bring a smile to your viewers. Competitions like the renowned segment Secret Soundalso attribute on its own broadcast. On its site, listeners can locate the Top 40 tunes of the week with this radio, follow the most recent news reports and get its own online live streaming attribute.

At this page of the site you can hear Smile 90.4 FM online. For people who aren't acquainted with this radio channel here is more comprehensive info about it. This radio station is very young -- it had been set in 2013 but it has approximately 40 000 lovers in Facebook. So it's probably among the most well-known radios in Cape Town. The characteristic of Smile 90.4FM channel is the broadcast area covers Cape Town just, therefore it's available just on 90.4 FM frequency and just in that geographical region. However, you may listen to its live flow right at this site through our free player. Smile 90.4 FM radio channel holds itself out as adult contemporary radio. They assert at their site that South African music has 50% of the playlist. However, in addition to it they also play modern foreign strikes and broadcast a mixture of music and talk.

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